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Your account. Your cart. Larger image. Black White. Product temporalily unavailable. The Masamune Team is proud to announce you that we know sell real japanese swords, with a traditionnal finish.

The one pictured above is the one showed in our shop. It is therefore cheaper than an antique blade or a traditionnaly sithed one, those pricing from 10 to 20 euros.

Masamune offers you the possibility to get oone of the symbol of the japanese warrior cast. Used by the 5 greatest school of swordsmithing since the firs apparition of sword until today. Used during the Kamakura Period Email this page. Add to favorites. The Shop. About us. Contact us Our society Access Map. Key links. Masamune Dojo Access Map. Receive our newsletter. I subscribe I unsubscribe.Legends have shrouded Masamune, one of the most famous Japanese sword makers, and his swords that it is hard to extricate fact from fiction.

For example, when the Japanese shoguns were invaded by Mongols in 13th century, his sword was said to have cut ten thousand Mongol necks, mails, and helmets without suffering any dent. Still other stories tell that when a samurai brandishes a sword made by this famous Japanese sword maker at nightfall, the weapon would glisten like a lone star in moonless night sky.

Goro Nyudo Masamune, deserves his almost mythical stature among ancient Japanese smiths. Firstly, he made a lasting contribution to sword-making by introducing double quenching quench is a process of cooling a hot sword blade rapidly so that its mechanical and tensile strength will be retained.

Secondly, he perfected steel-working. At a time when forging tools were crude and steel was far from pure, he produced stunning nihonto Japanese swords that proved to be stronger than the feared Mongolian armors. And lastly, he melded art and science into his swords by perfecting nie. Nie was a difficult skill to master, as it strives to produce crystal brilliance onto the blade in the process of forging. This genius sword smith produced all his swords and daggers in Kamakura, Sagami province in from He himself was a student of famous Japanese sword makers, including Shintogo Kunimitsu.

His swords, both beautiful and lethal to behold, attracted attention from the ruling landlords and apprentices. His legendary reputation was established when his swords were listed in Kyoho Meibutsu Cho, a three-book compilation in 17th century cataloguing excellent swords collected by daimyos.

Sephiroth's Masamune (Final Fantasy VII) - MAN AT ARMS

From there on, his swords were coveted and jealously guarded. They are remarkable in many respects. Their nie is a gray line running smoothly on the front of the blade. The undulating notare hamon is a perfect marriage of harder steel of the leading edge and softer pearlite steel of the cutting edge.

honjo masamune replica

The most striking of all it its kinsuji, lines that were likened to streaks of lightning — this has probably produced the legend of a shining sword at nightfall. Japan has been proud of its array of samurai swords. It elevated artistically forged swords, including particularly one made by Masamune himself called the Honjo Masamune sword.

This rare sword is considered as a national treasure of Japan. Unfortunately when the Americans conquered Japan at the height of World War II, they reportedly looted swords from defeated Japanese nobles.The first sword appeared during the Bronze Age. It was made of copper and was uncovered at the Harappan sites in present-day Pakistan.

By the Middle Ages iron and steel swords were being mass produced and used in battle. Soldiers were trained in swordsmanship and prepared for combat.

It was before the era of guns and high powered artillery and face to face fighting was the norm. During this time in history, all of the royal generals, kings, and emperors owned personal swords.

masamune replica: any good?

These weapons were manufactured by the greatest sword makers of the time. Many historical manuscripts document events surrounding significant swords. This article will be examining ten world famous swords that still survive today.

Mythological and legendary swords will not be listed. It was a controversial trial that ended with a death sentence for Tomoyuki Yamashita. The case changed the United States rules in regards to command responsibility for war crimes, creating a law known as the Yamashita Standard.

During his military career, Tomoyuki Yamashita owned a personal sword that contained a blade manufactured by famous sword maker Fujiwara Kanenaga sometime between and The weapon had its handle remade in the early s. The Samurai sword was surrendered by General Yamashita, along with his army, on September 2, The sword is one piece in a great collection of military arms housed at the West Point Museum. For this reason, he armed his cavalries of granaderos with similar weapons, which he deemed important for charge attacks.

In the s the sword was stolen on two separate occasions and this caused museum operators to build a screened gazebo to protect the artifact. The Baekje Dynasty was an ancient kingdom located in southwest Korea. At its peak in the 4th century, Baekje controlled colonies in China and most of the western Korean Peninsula. InKing Geunchogo of Baekje paid tribute to Eastern Jin and it is believed that a Seven-Branched Sword was created and given to the king as a sign of praise.

The weapon is aI am looking for an authentic sword made by Sengo Muramasa from the 16th century Japan. The swords are said to be cursed.

I would just like to know where I can find one of the real Muramasa katana and not a replica. You would need a lot of money. At least a million dollars.

honjo masamune replica

Such a sword is never even likely to be found for sale. They would be hard to find even in museums. It is a little like asking where you could buy a Van Gogh painting or a Beethoven Original manuscript.

There is but I would recommend that if you plan on more than just a pretty wall hanger you give it time and work with katana for a while before choosing one. Much is personal preference when using a katana and different katana vary to accomodate.

You need to find out what is right for you. In my school we trade off our katana to get a feel for the different ones and then we pick and purchase accordingly.

Considering that if you want a good katana you will have to spend a considerable amount you kind of want to get the right one the first time around.

honjo masamune replica

If you are not concerned using one but want a nice one look up Paul Chen. His are pretty nice and well balanced even the cheap ones. Don t try eBay and yes you would need millions even if you could fine a authentic one for sale it would take years probly just to fine one to veiw in a Museum.

My family does. However, id take care how you speak with that tongue, as you were born into this life privileged enough to speak freely with it. The sellers word? Documents can be faked. Coldy Bimore U. After the Information was given to the U. Government that what SGT. I hope that answers your question.

He did so out of Cowardice and didn't compare to his Ancestors. Previously though, Tokugawa Lemasu made it illegal to have a Muramasa Sword the Cursed swords because his entire family fell to one. Some believe in the the curse, but the reality was that most samurai families HAD a Muramasa sword as they were actually widely produced.

The katana, or samurai sword, is famed throughout the world for being the perfection of sword design. It has become the symbol of the samurai class, and Japan as a whole, to the outside world. To the Japanese the katana is also a symbol of their culture and national pride. During the Meiji restoration at the end of the 19th century that sought to bring Japan into the modern world many samurai rose in rebellion when the government sought to deprive them of the right to wear the katana as the symbol of their class.

Even after the loss of the right to wear their swords in public the disbanded samurai families kept and revered their ancestral swords.

However, at the end of the Second World War the American occupiers demanded that all Japanese households gave up all forms of weaponry, including the ancestral swords. Although this policy was later reversed to exempt the family katanas much of the damage had already been done and thousands of the weapons had been melted down or given out as trophies to American officers.

Among these lost swords was the Honjo Masamune, known as the exemplar of Japanese sword-making perfection. Masamune is recognized as the greatest ever swordsmith in Japanese history. His swords are known for their unparalleled beauty and quality.

Real Japanese swords katana for sale [e-sword]

Their quality is remarkable as the swords were made at a time when steel still contained many imperfections. So famous was his craftsmanship that all of the swords he made bear his name, such as the Honjo Masamume.Should you visit a history museum in Japan, and, like I do, make an immediate beeline for the collections of samurai armor and weaponry, you might be surprised to notice that Japanese swords are customarily displayed with the stitching removed from the hilt.

Some craftsmen achieved almost legendary status, becoming folk heroes whose names are widely known even today. The most respected of all, though, was Masamune, whose reluctance to sign his blades has made identifying them difficult. But difficult and impossible are two different things, and for the first time in over a century, a sword has been confirmed by historians as being the creation of the master himself. Masamune was active during the late 13th and early 14th centuries, the part of Japan that today is part of Kanagawa Prefecture.

He lived his life during the Kamakura Period, when the samurai class saw the most dramatic rise in its power over Japan. Today, the only swordsmith who can approach his exalted historical status is Muramasa, who was born hundreds of years later. Justified or not, Muramasa is said to have been psychologically imbalanced and prone to violence. Last year, a man brought a sword, which had found its way into his personal property, to the Kyoto National Museum to be appraised.

Historian and sword scholar Taeko Watanabe spent the months between then and now studying the blade, and has recently announce her conclusion that it is a Masamune.

The particular sword, which Watanabe says is called the Shimazu Masamune, had been given in by Ieshige, the 14th Tokugawa shogun, to the Imperial Family to mark his marriage to Princess Kazunomiya, also known as Princess Kazu. It is the first blade to be confirmed as a Masamune in roughly years. Read more stories from RocketNews Evangelion and katana? Very cool!

English support. Credit card payment. No guarantor required. Another Masamune? Masamune's swords are undoubtedly the most legendary. I still eagerly await the day that the Honjo Masamune is found. I'd like to be able to see his swords up close someday as well.

I think I have the honjo massume sword and would like to return it to Japan how do I do this get the sword authenticated so I will know for sure? Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday.

By doing so, you will also receive an email inviting you to receive our news alerts. A mix of what's trending on our other sites. Source: Japaaan Read more stories from RocketNews Apartments in Japan The easy way to rent an apartment in Japan. No matter how many times I look at ancient sword craftsmanship.

I'm always amazed. Fox Sora Winters. Sara Shaffer.After the end of the Second World War, however, this renowned sword disappeared, and its whereabouts remains a mystery, even today. Whilst it is unknown as to when exactly the swordsmith lived and died, it is traditionally believed that he was making most of his swords during the late 13th century AD and the early part of the following century.

This tale, which is quite unlikely to have actually taken place, is about a competition between the two swordsmiths to determine who the greater sword-maker was. An old portrait of the swordsmith Masamune. Public Domain. There are many versions of this tale, though all of them point to the more virtuous character of Masamune and his creations. In one account, the completed swords were suspended over the stream to test their quality.

Living creatures were repelled from it instead. As Muramasa was gloating, a travelling monk came forward to give his verdict. Masamune sword in the city of Steyr. The Honjo Masamune is named after a general by the name of Honjo Shigenaga.

This general lived during the 16th and 17th centuries AD and served the Uesugi clan in northern Japan. Shigenaga came to possess this sword after the 4th Battle of Kawanakajima in During the battle, the sword had belonged to an enemy general, who challenged Shigenaga to a duel.

Shigenaga kept the sword for many years before selling it to the Toyotomi clan around the end of the 16th century AD, who were the rulers of Japan at that point of time. This sword became a family treasure, and the symbol of the Tokugawa Dynasty. Hence, the Honjo Masamune was passed down from one shogun to the next. Various samurai swords.

This included the Honjo Masamune. Photo of Iemasa Tokugawa. Thus, the fate of the Honjo Masamune has been a mystery ever since. Nevertheless, there is some hope that the Honjo Masamune might one day be found. It has been reported that ina sword was brought to Kyoto National Museum to be appraised. However, that this is the first Masamune sword that has been identified in roughly years. Baseel, C. Scholars confirm first discovery of Japanese sword from master bladesmith Masamune in years.

Hrala, J. Johnson, B. Masamune, Japan's Greatest Swordsmith. Willey, N. Yamatosaxon, I am a university student doing a BA degree in Archaeology. I believe that intellectual engagement by advocates from both ends of the spectrum would serve toMasamune Sephiroth Sword is the most incredible, magnificent and most potent swords from the final fantasy series.

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The actual Masamune Sephiroth Sword from the game is quite long and looks astonishingly scary as well.

The Honjo Masamune: A Lost Japanese Treasure

It is in fact, longer than the height of Sephiroth himself and when this length combines with his power and skill, the duo turns out to be quite a deadly combination for those who go against it.

Once he acquired Masamune Sephiroth Sword, he came to be known as one of the top villains and antagonists according to a lot of gaming geeks and survey magazines. Those who would like to buy it can do so by placing their orders right now.

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Quick Overview Total Length with scabbard: 68". The total length of the Masamune replica along with its scabbard is about 68 inches, and without the sheath, it is 65 inches. The blade of the Masamune is 47 inches long and handle length is 18 inches. The replica is lightweight and has a total weight of about 2.

High-quality material is used in the crafting of this replica to produce the product that has the touch and feel of the real thing. It is one of the most loved and wanted swords from the game. The replica is stunning and precisely designed. The package that we are offering here includes a free display stand for the Masamune Sephiroth Sword. The sephiroth Masamune blade replica comes with a sheath.

The blade of the sword is polished to give it the shiny look of the real sword. What things come free with this sword? A scabbard and display stand come free with this sword. Are there any extra charges for blade sharpening? Can I buy this sword in bulk? Yes, you can buy as per your needs. Such an amazing product review by Jack Quality. Write Your Own Review How do you rate this product?


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