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New animation capabilities, including the ability to specify custom animations. See the intro page on animation. We publish a React component, gojs-react to simplify React integration, and host a React sample using GoJS called gojs-react-basic. See the GoJS with React introduction page for more information.

We publish an Angular component, gojs-angular to simplify Angular integration, and host a Angular sample using GoJS called gojs-angular-basic. See the GoJS with Angular introduction page for more information. GoJS allows you to build all kinds of diagrams and graphs for your users, from simple flowcharts and org charts to highly-specific industrial diagrams, SCADA and BPMN diagrams, medical diagrams such as genograms and outbreak modeling diagrams, and more.

GoJS makes constructing JavaScript diagrams of complex nodes, links, and groups easy with customizable templates and layouts. GoJS offers many advanced features for user interactivity such as drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, in-place text editing, tooltips, context menus, automatic layouts, templates, data binding and models, transactional state and undo management, palettes, overviews, event handlers, commands, extensible tools for custom operations, and customizable animations.

We maintain hundreds of sample diagramsdetailing different examples of interactivity, templates, and user logic for you to start from. We offer free developer-to-developer support during evaluation. It can also run in headless or server environments, like Node. GoJS does not depend on any libraries or frameworks, and can work alongside Angular, React, within Electron, or with no framework at all.

Build custom modeling environments and domain-specific visual languages using the powerful features of GoJS. Provide both a system editor and a read-only status monitor using shared code and templates. Simultaneously show alternative visualizations of the same data in different diagrams. Implement drill-down using expansion of subtrees and subgraphs or a detailed view in another diagram. Our thorough documentation introduces the basic concepts and demonstrates typical features that most apps want to offer.

Nodes and links can be arbitrarily detailed according to the needs of the application. There are many properties that permit simple permissions and customizations, and some methods may be overridden for more complicated customizations. Use GoJS with your favorite frameworks We publish a react component, gojs-react to simplify React integration, and host a React sample using GoJS called gojs-react-basic.

We have a sample on using Vue. Run over sample apps that demonstrate flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, UML diagrams, BPMN diagrams, graph editors, data visualization, custom tools and layouts, and much more. Run Interactive Samples. Get a copy of the library and all of the samples, extensions, and documentation.

Search the JavaScript code and modify the samples to start your app. Download Clone us from GitHub Install via npm. Read our introduction for a overview of GoJS concepts and features, including hundreds of live interactive examples embedded right in each page. Read the Introduction Pages. Evaluate the full library without any limitations. Register with us and get free support for a month to help build your app. Register for Support Contact Us.

Read our comprehensive documentation for an in-depth reference of the properties and methods of all of the JavaScript classes. When upgrading to a newer version, please read the Change Log. Toggle navigation. GoJS 2. Flowcharts Build interactive flowcharts or flow diagrams. State Charts Visualize State Charts and other behavior diagrams. Create diagrams with live updates to monitor state, or interactive diagrams for planning.

Visualize flow, or connect pipes.If you wish to use the GoJS library for your private evaluation, you may do so only under the terms of the Evaluation License Agreement. You can download the whole web site for this version of GoJS by saving and unzipping:.

We also maintain a GitHub Repository of all libraries, documentation, samples, and extensions. This allows you to search through documentation and code online. Having everything downloaded to your development machine allows you to easily search the JavaScript code and to modify the samples for experimentation.

The GoJS library comes in both "debug" and "release" variations in the release directory:. We recommend that you use go-debug. Always remember to look at the console log to see if there are any error or warning messages.

After purchasing a license, you may deploy by acquiring a license key for your web site's domain. See Deployment for more discussion. When updating or upgrading to a newer version, please read the Change Log. In addition to getting new debug and release libraries, don't forget to use the latest TypeScript definition file, go.

GoJS Toggle navigation. You can download the whole web site for this version of GoJS by saving and unzipping: site.

gojs evaluation remove

See the Intro page on using ES6 modules. More information is at GoJS home.Software License Agreement. Certain capitalized terms used in this Agreement are defined in Section 1. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions applicable to your License of the Licensed Software and the Documentation.

Please note that, as more particularly set forth in this Agreement, certain of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement may not be applicable to your License, depending on the type of License that you purchased and the terms of your License Certificate.

In addition to the foregoing, the terms and conditions of this Agreement include the following:. The following terms and variations thereof shall have the following meanings:. For the avoidance of doubt, if two or more Domain Names identify the same web site or other Internet resource i.

By way of examples, if the License Certificate for a Licensed Product states that the Licensed Group for such Licensed Product a is a particular business unit within Customer, only an Internal User within such business unit may be a Developer for such Licensed Product, or b is unlimited, any Internal User of Customer may be a Developer for such Licensed Product, in both cases subject to such additional limitations as are otherwise set forth in this Agreement and the applicable License Certificate including any limitation on the number of Developers who may develop Licensed Applications for such Licensed Product.

For the avoidance of doubt, obfuscated javascript files are considered to be Object Code and not Source Code. For the avoidance of doubt, Sample Code is part of the Documentation and not part of the Licensed Software. If the License is an Evaluation License, then:.


The Licensed Software may include a duration limitation that tracks the License Term and may disable the Licensed Software when the License Term expires. If the License is an Internal Use License, then:. For the avoidance of doubt, upon the expiration or earlier termination of the License Term unless, and then only to the extent that, the License Term is renewed by NorthwoodsA no further Licensed Applications may be developed, and B with respect to any Licensed Application that was developed prior to such expiration or termination, any Licensed Application End User who was using such Licensed Application prior to such expiration or termination may continue to use such Licensed Application after such expiration or termination, but no other Licensed Application End Users or anyone else may use such Licensed Application.

Each such copy shall be and remain subject to all usage and other restrictions applicable to such Licensed Product under this Agreement. All such copies are and shall remain the sole property of Northwoods and subject to this Agreement. All Intellectual Property Rights notices included in such Licensed Product must be maintained in all such copies and may not be altered or removed.

Evaluation Registration

If the License-Specific Terms expressly provide that any of the Licensed Software is being licensed with Source Code rights, then such Licensed Software shall also be provided and may be used in Source Code form. In such case, Customer:.

All rights in and to each Licensed Product not specifically granted to Customer under this Agreement are reserved to Northwoods.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. You can remove the watermark by buying GoJS.

Learn more. Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 5k times. Here is the ScreenShot Screenshot go. Swapnil Rai. Swapnil Rai Swapnil Rai 5 5 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. If you have bought GoJS and have purchased the unlimited domains use rights - then they provide you with the correct instructions on how to remove the watermark when your custom library is generated.

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gojs evaluation remove

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Related Hot Network Questions. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.If you wish to use the GoJS library for your private evaluation, you may only do so under the terms of the Evaluation License Agreement. We have been extremely impressed with GoJS. As a library, it's logical, well thought-out, expansive, and written in a way that allows almost unlimited opportunities.

GoJS GraphObject Properties - GoJS Beginner Tutorial #5

When we took it on, we didn't know how much eye candy it could support without performance strain, but these guys know their stuff and our users love to use it. Support, too, when we have needed it, has been first rate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GoJS to anyone looking to do graph visualization and interaction in a browser. It's helped make our risk management and visualization application, RiskView, world-class.

Evaluation Registration If you wish to use the GoJS library for your private evaluation, you may only do so under the terms of the Evaluation License Agreement. We encourage you to contact us for technical support during your evaluation. Company Website. Undecided platform. Optional Your success is our success. Please tell us about your needs: Type of application you are building and features you are looking for Alternatives you are considering How you heard about us.

Why evaluate? Participate in our active forum. Communicate directly with our product developers. Receive prompt answers to your questions, free during your evaluation. Learn about our flexible licensing options.

gojs evaluation remove

Get special pricing for your startup. Company name and email required Need assistance?If you have downloaded a copy of the GoJS library from gojs. For version 1. Enter your e-mail address and the e-mail address of the person who purchased a license for GoJSthe order number for that purchase, and your web site's domain name.

Please make sure that e-mail from "nwoods. If you contact us for further help either via our web site or by sending us email, please include the e-mail that our web server sent to you. This procedure works for internal corporate web sites as well as for public web sites, with hostnames and with IP addresses.

The protocol and port number do not matter. It will work when the HTML page is served from a subdomain of the licensed domain, such as from editors. It will also work when "localhost" is the domain, to help your debugging and testing efforts. The GoJS library never "phones home" -- it will never initiate any network traffic other than when explicitly directed to do so, such as for downloading image files.

Our server will generate a GoJS license key for you, in the form of a JavaScript statement that you will need to include with your code. It must execute after the GoJS library file has been loaded, but before you create your first Diagram. This mechanism works when using either the release library, go. Note that this assignment is of a static property of the Diagram class: Diagram,licenseKey. Of course you will need to substitute your generated license key string for "YourKeyHere" in the go.

License keys are long strings without any embedded whitespace or punctuation. You can request license keys for as many domains as you have licensed. Unlike the older activation method, you no longer need to get a new domain-specific go.

Once your key is in place, you can continue to use the same key while updating the patch version of GoJS. For example, a license key for version 1.

Remember to get a new license key when upgrading to a new major or minor version of GoJS. For example, when upgrading from version 5. License keys are valid forever, as long as the major and minor version number of the library do not change and as long as the HTML page is served from the same domain. You can download the go. Most customers will no longer need a special build of GoJS, as had been the case before version 1. If you are an ISV and intend to distribute your app to run on many customers' web sites, Contact sales for our our Unlimited Domains option and instructions on requesting and using a custom go.

When building a desktop application using Electron or Cordova or NW or when hosted in a WebView as part of a desktop application, your HTML page is not being served from a web server at a domain. In such circumstances you will need to use the Unlimited Domains option to make sure your Diagram does not display a watermark.

You should use your organization's domain as the requested domain name. The procedure for unlimited domains is similar to the procedure followed for the 1. Our automated web server will create go.

You can request libraries for as many domains as you have licensed.GoJS supports graphical templates and data-binding of object properties to model data. Only the model, consisting of simple JavaScript objects, needs to be saved and restored. With over 90 samples, you'll find numerous examples of GoJS properties and methods. In addition to providing samples and tutorialswe also provide basic documentation and videosthorough API documentationand developer-to-developer support from the engineers who built the GoJS library.

We offer a free evaluation of the full library with no time limit, although unlicensed libraries come with a watermark. GoJS has no runtime royalties. Source code is available.

Technical support and library updates for 1 year are included in most purchases. Northwoods Software has been building graphical frameworks for 20 years, with customers that include a quarter of the Fortune and innovative companies worldwide. React, Angular. View Samples. Get Started with GoJS. Thorough Documentation. View Documentation. Unmatched Customer Service In addition to providing samples and tutorialswe also provide basic documentation and videosthorough API documentationand developer-to-developer support from the engineers who built the GoJS library.


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