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If you are a website owner or blogger, you will know that having a lot of traffic coming into your site is a good thing, as this shows that there are a lot of people who are visiting your blog or website. One site is offering a chance to get traffic to your blog or website at no cost at all. This site is called EasyHits4U, which promises to send traffic to your site or blog in exchange for viewing other websites as well.

The beauty of this site is that it also has a monetary program where you get paid for reaching a certain number of sites that you have viewed. But is this opportunity legit or is it just another scam? EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange website that began in It is designed to provide traffic to people who have blogs, websites, links, and any other web pages that they want to promote.

All you need to do is to view websites and you will get 1 visitor into your website. You also get to earn credits, which you can also exchange for more traffic to your website. You will get paid for viewing websites as well. You just need to reach a certain number of viewed websites before you are paid.

Based on what EasyHits4U offers and the fact that they are one of the oldest traffic exchange websites in the market, I can say that it is a legitimate opportunity to earn some money or get traffic into your website. They deliver on their promise of sending traffic to your website in exchange for viewing other websites as well. They also deliver on the promise of paying you for reaching the targeted number of sites viewed and there has been little to no issue of the company not paying.

You can also rest on the fact that EasyHits4U has been around for 15 years, so you know the site is doing something right to last that long in this kind of business. Becoming a member is free, you just need to register on the website to start viewing sites and earn traffic or money.

The EasyHits4U website is designed to be used by two types of people, those who have websites, blogs, or links to promote, and those who are just looking to earn some cash. If you have websites, links, or blogs to promote, the traffic exchange offers you a way to send traffic to your sites without the need to pay for anything.

You just need to view other websites and earn credits, which you can use to send traffic to your website as well. The more sites you view, the more credits you will earn and this also means more traffic for your site. You just need to view websites, reach the target number, and you will get paid. Becoming a member is simple and easy, and it is free to do so. The main opportunity that EasyHits4U offers is traffic to your website, blog, link, or any other webpage that you are trying to promote.

What you will basically be doing is you will be viewing other websites found on the traffic exchange to get 1 visitor for your site and earn a credit. The credit you earn can be exchanged for a visitor or impressions for banner ads or text ads. Now, EasyHits4U has 2 options, with the one beingwhich means you will be paid 1 credit for viewing 1 website for 20 seconds.

The other option iswhere you will get 1 credit for viewing 2 websites for 15 seconds each. The 1 credit you earn is equivalent to 1 visitor, 25 banner impressions, or 50 text ad impressions.

So the more you view websites, the more traffic you can earn for your website. You can also choose to purchase the ad packages that EasyHits4U offer on their site. You will also get a free Premium membership for 1 month. EasyHits4U has a monthly paid membership program where you get to earn more credits for viewing websites.You can also advertise free of cost in traffic exchange sites like EasyHits4u using the credit which you will earn by surfing the ads. But, it is not so good platform as it seems.

Advertising with these kinds of sites don't give any good results and even you can't make a pocket money in a year working with these kinds of sites. That is why we are here providing a review of EasyHits4u without any referral link, means here we are only delivering the truth, neither recommending nor promoting it. However, our No.

Ads by Media. End of Ads by Media. On top of that, you can't get good advertisement service from Traffic Exchange sites.

They only claim you can get quality traffic to advertise your product, but the reality is opposite of that. So, we also don't recommend you to use Traffic Exchange sites to advertise your website or referral link. Ok, now let's begin with our EasyHits4u review as below in order to find out what is Easy Hits 4u in real.

What is Easyhits4u Is Easyhits4u a scam? So, from our side, we don't recommend it because it is not worth time and effort. So, EasyHits4u is not a good platform to make money or to advertise. In order to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:- newsonlineincome. Drawbacks of Easyhits4u So, we don't recommend traffic exchange sites like Easyhits4u either to make money or to advertise. If you like to share this EasyHits4u.

Good Luck! What is EasyHits4u? This website uses cookies. Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better. By continuing to use the site, you agree to our cookie policy: More details here: Cookie Policy Ok.Welcome to my EasyHits4U review.

We are going to take a look at what exactly EasyHits4U is, how it works, how you can earn money with it, some of my pros and cons about it, and finally if I recommend it. The reason why I decided to take a closer look at EasyHits4U was that I am always on the lookout on way to help grow a business online through training and traffic generation.

EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange site that will give you the ability to advertise your website to all of the members that are active within the program. Just to make it clear, the traffic that you will get from the EasyHits4U traffic exchange will only come within the system and through email blasts to existing members that are part of the program.

So, essentially the program is designed to provide traffic to your website or affiliate offer of your choosing by simply providing your link, and selecting the traffic platform within the program to use to advertise to all of its members. EasyHits4U also offers referral points and also the ability to earn money with its referral program as well. There are free options and also paid options to get traffic from this program that I will go into in the later sections of this review.

The way that EasyHits4U works are when you first get started as a free member you will need to add your website URL to the system and then start viewing other websites. If you are looking for a good way to earn money online then I would recommend checking out the links on this page for a great program.

No, EasyHits4U is not a scam. The first thing we have to take into consideration is that EasyHits4U has been in business since which is a good thing for the program not being a scam website. You do also have options where you can pay some money to get more credits but many people that are part of the program usually only earn credits since it is so easy to do.

Now, EasyHits4U is one of the oldest traffic exchange sites on the Internet, and because of that fact alone, that is another indication for the website being a legitimate traffic exchange.

Another reason for the program is legitimate is that they do provide the traffic that they promise. The last reason for EasyHits4U not being a scam is because you can join for free and earn credits and money with the program.

easyhits4u review

For those looking to get traffic to your website or blog, you can simply join and earn some points by viewing other websites so that you can earn some points so that other members can view your own website or blog. It can be quite time-consuming. That is why some people look into automated methods like bots to help earn points by viewing other peoples websites on autopilot.

If you are looking to earn some extra money from EasyHits4U then all you have to do is view a specific amount of websites and blogs to get enough points that you can turn in so that you can get paid. There is a minimum payout that the program has in place, but once you hit that amount, then you can deposit those earnings into a few different payment processors like:.

Once those earning are deposited into one of the processors then you can simply transfer that money into your bank account. How It Works.

easyhits4u review

I did touch on this subject on the earlier sections of my review but I wanted to go into more specifics on this section about how to earn money with EasyHits4U. One view will equal 1 credit view that you can use toward 1 view toward your website, an impression for an image banner ad, or text ad.

This will tell the system that you, in fact, saw the ad and also will trigger the credit toward your account. The 1 credit that you can earn for viewing 1 website or blog is one of 2 options that you have and is the most popular option. There is also an option that you will have is by watching 2 websites or blogs for 15 seconds each to earn 1 point.

EasyHits4U has several one-time payment options for credit purchases that I will break down here:. If you do that math, this is a fraction of a penny for every website you view which is not even worth it for most people. There is an option for you to earn more money with EasyHits4U which is through their referral program. They will have to view at least 1, websites before this commission is triggered as part of the agreement.

There is an additional way to earn from referrals which is when they purchase the Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator. In this section of the review, I am going to cover a few things that I liked about the EasyHits4U platform. In this section of the review, I will cover additional questions one would have about the EasyHits4U program.

After you click on the button to get started you can either use your Facebook or Google plus account for quick registration or fill out the form on that page that includes the email address that you want to use to register your EasyHits4U login account.

After you complete the registration process you will then be presented with the optional monthly premium or ultimate account that will offer more.EasyHits4U is a website traffic exchange — webmasters can gain views to their website in exchange for viewing other participants' websites. The service, founded inclaims to be among the oldest and best established traffic exchanges on the internet, providing its participants with millions of views every day.

While services like EasyHits4U will lead to more page views, the traffic generated through such a service seems like it would rarely translate to actual engagement or revenue, and this company in particular has a suspicious underside: it provides very few details about itself, and even a quick internet search reveals that the service has a close association with automated bots. EasyHits4U website never identifies any of its founders or development team. The business's page on the Better Business Bureau reveals that it is based in Oberlin, Ohio, but this cannot be confirmed; its listed address is a P.

The company has over 20, followers on Facebook, but there is little engagement with its posts. Searching the internet for more information about EasyHits4U yielded surprising results. Firstly, despite its claims of many successful years in business, it has not been covered by any prominent online publications. EasyHits4U's business model is at its heart very simple: users agree to visit each other's websites in order to boost everyone's traffic. Such agreements are in fact nearly as old as the internet itself, and can indeed provide valuable free advertising for nascent websites.

However, EasyHits4U operates at a very large scale, claiming to have nearly 1. To gain a credit for viewing another participant's site and thus earning a view on their own siteusers must stay on that site for a certain amount of time.

Free users must stay for 20 seconds, while Premium users must stay for only 15, and Ultimate subscribers only need Depending on the amount of content on a website, this is likely much too brief for a visitor to learn anything significant.

easyhits4u review

Participating in EasyHits4U will generate traffic to a website, but there's a good chance it comes from bots deployed by those simply looking for artificial ad impressions on their own sites.

The abundance of readily available bot software is alarming, and while the company forbids the practice in its terms of use, it has neglected to implement any actual measures to prevent it.

easyhits4u review

Webmasters interested in attracting real users to their site should avoid this service and instead look into search engine optimization and inbound marketing.

See why after a decade of digital dollar domination, we have only ONE online opportunity you need for optimal results! Enter your best business email now. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. We are here to help, not hurt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery.

Recover your password.We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. EasyHits4U has a consumer rating of 3. EasyHits4U also ranks st among Marketing sites. By far the best admin and website on the Internet!

This is the most useful website online with many great features to use. You can make money from the site and on your own site through sells and signups. I highly recommend using easyhits4u to promote your business.

EasyHits4U Review; Get Referral, Get Traffic

Get unlimited visits to your site. It's all absolutesy FREE! Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional - e. EasyHits4U Is this your business? Write a Review Ask a Question. Corporate Values. Overview EasyHits4U has a consumer rating of 3. View ratings trends. Add media. Top Positive Review. Top Critical Review.

Rating 5 stars. Other Verified purchase. Contains image or video. English only. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 2. As you view websites, you can aslo earn prizes while on your way - Even money!

Even if you're not looking for views on your website, you can still switch through other peoples websites and see what fits you.Some Quick Info. It gives 0. So surfing is actually very profitable. Easyhits4u is currently the best manual traffic exchange site which makes you earn money too. Sounds good. On top of this, you can gain credits that can be used to promote your own websites, website banners, and text links. You can also target countries and area for these banners, websites etc.

There are 2 selections for surfing 15 secs or 20 seconds. I would recommend manual surfing at the second rate. As the traffic is real and converts very well.

Admin of Easyhits4U is very trusted and been in the business since 14 years now. So, this site is far away from being Scam now. Why EasyHits4u? Extra surfing credits can be bought and used for money, for those heavy promoters. How Often I can Surf You can surf as much as you want.

You get rewards for surfing every 25, 50, pages and so on. The more you surf the bigger your prize. You can also win bigger cash rewards while bigger surfing. Commission from Referrals. As this site has been in business since 14 years and always paid me on time. So this site is far away from being Scam.

I my self have received many payments on time over and over again. There is no limit How much you can earn with Easyhits4U. You can recruit unlimited referrals.

EasyHits4U: 1:1 Traffic Exchange & Website Promotion Program?

All you have to do to stay in plus is just make a banners page with all your referral links there. Best rotator to advertise visit here. You can use adhitz and bitcoadz to maximize your site revenue.

Top Way To Earn While You Sleep Using Adhitz 2019

Bitcoin Faucets IndexBitco. Cheap Advertising IndexRotator Adbtc. Bitcoadz Propeller Ads A-ads. When Can I cashout? Is Easyhits4u Legitimate or Scam? Register With Easyhits4u. Getting new referrals for Easyhitsu does seem to be very easy, but this is not the case. Register With EasyHits4u.Website owners quickly discover that one of the most difficult parts of running an online business — or the online portion of an existing business — is getting traffic to their website, and without traffic, they cannot make sales.

But EasyHits4U. For every website you visit, a visitor will also view your site. And these website visits cannot be simple click-and-view stops. Instead, all members of the community are required to spend a certain amount of time at the site they visit so they can actually be exposed to what they site has to offer. You can also promote up to fifteen different websites with banner and text message ads, as well as earn extra rewards for referring new users and getting new clients to use EasyHits4U promotional materials.

If this is a concern for you and you are considering using EasyHits4U. If you're at OpportunityChecker. Your e-mail address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Would you like to add your review for.


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