Antique wash basin

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antique wash basin

Founded in the yearwe have emerged as a reliable exporter of a wide variety of industrial cleaning equipment. Since our inception in the yearwe have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Printed Real Glod Wa Since years in this domain, we have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting Oval Wash Basin. Offered basin is manufactured by Our designers have given this Designer Art Wash Basin Shallow a textured wood look to give strong and woody kind of feeling in the This wash basin set comes with pedestal style and is ma Ceramic Designer Wash Basin are manufacture with modern art work to adorn your washing area.

Our skilled workforce uses top grade With widely driven ethnically expertise, we are devoted to offer an distinctive spectrum of Gold Star is a basically designed wash Backed by a diligent team of professionals, we have been able to manufacture, export and supply optimum quality Bathroom wash basi Being the leading names in industry we are involved in offering a wide range of Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basin.

These are highly Ceramic Water Closet TankWith vast experience in this domain, our organization has been able to manufacture and export top quality The Counter Wash Basin provided by us are highly preferred in market. The are designed by our diligent workforce uses high quality Antique Wash Basin products available. Search By City Sort Results by.

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antique wash basin

Minimum Price to Maximum Price. Branded Pages.Stone Pedestals. Small Garden Ornaments. Japan Garden. Column Base. Pedestal Planters. Bronze Hand. View Full Details. H 78 in.

W 26 in. D 26 in. A French garden pedestal planter or fountain basin. This vintage cast-stone planter from France features a rounded vessel, just over 2 feet in diameter, which is raised nicely upon a H 34 in. Dm 27 in. Japan, a fine large vintage hand cast bronze Yukimi hexagonal top lantern with exquisite details from the early Showa period, ss The striking and well proportioned old bron H 22 in.

W 18 in. D 18 in. Vintage dough bowl from a European farm, circa s. All the organic ridges of hand-carved craftsmanship.Antique pitcher and bowl sets are both collectible and historical. An antique pitcher with matching bowl is worth more together, commanding higher prices than if sold individually. You can expect two to three times more when pricing a set.

Consult price guide books for current market values on antique pitcher and bowl sets. A reputable dealer will generally mark their pieces 10 percent higher than an item's true worth to give them wiggle room to bargain. If you are selling, you may want to incorporate this tactic into your pricing. This way, if you do get talked down on price, you will still receive your desired amount. You can also use the price fluctuation to your advantage if a person is not overly interested.

If you offer to come down on the price, an otherwise disinterested customer may change their mind. Look for a mark underneath the pitcher or bowl, sometimes called a "basin.

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Pricing a marked set will be more advantageous for you as a seller. Carefully examine your antique pitcher and bowl set. Condition ultimately determines how an antique pitcher and bowl set will be priced. A set in mint condition -- with no chips, crazing, hairline cracks or repaired sections -- will command at least 50 to 75 percent more than a damaged piece of equal or lesser value.

An occasional spot of faded paint is more acceptable than a crack or chip. Determine if your set is from a historical time period. Damage is only acceptable when the set is rare, if it was once owned by royalty or a noted historical or pop icon figure, or if it dates from a notable time period, such as 18th century France.

When in doubt about pricing, visit a local antique dealer who is knowledgeable about pitcher sets and inquire about getting an appraisal.

Linda Stamberger began writing professionally inas an entertainment reporter for "Good Times Magazine. By: Linda Stamberger Updated April 12, Share It.

Things You'll Need. About the Author. Photo Credits.Much like their kitchen counterpart, the Hoosier cabinet, antique washstands filled a void in homes until the 20th century though while Hoosier cabinets were the answer to a lack of cabinetry in the kitchen, washstands were the longtime solution for homes that lacked indoor plumbing.

Though traditionally used in other ways nowadays, there is still a lot of buzz about this functional piece of furniture. How old are they?

Though The Wood Whisperer says that some washstands date back all the way to the 16th century, they were most widespread during the s and early s. According to SF Gatethey went out of favor by Why did they become popular? Before modern indoor plumbing became commonplace, the washstand sufficed as a place to wash yourself — think of it as an early form of the bathroom sink.

Typically, bedroom washstands were cabinets or two-tiered tables where you could set a wash bowl on the top and a water pitcher on the bottom washstands are commonly also called wash basins or basin stands or wash basin cabinets.

How to Price Antique Pitcher & Bowl Sets

With commode washstands, typically a chamber pot was placed in the bottom. They evolved to be much bigger as the years went on, and eventually were quite large in surface area in the late s.

Some even had mirrors attached to create a true vanity, very much like the setup you see in your own bathroom with the sink, cabinets, and mirror. As modern indoor plumbing became more common in the early 20th century, the need for washstands faded though now many people collect them and use them as other types of furniture.

Antique and Vintage Basins

Photo credit: Collectors Weekly. Are they tough to find? Some of the more modern pieces look like nightstands or dressers or traditional cabinets at a quick first glance, which is how many people actually use them today! How much do they cost?

And, of course, the type of condition that the piece is in definitely affects how much it is worth. Connect with Us. Share on Facebook Pin. Next Page.Antique porcelain was made up until Antique porcelain can be anything from cups, saucers, plates and decorative items both plain and hand-painted to decorative wares. Many collectors and antique dealers identify antique porcelain by looking at various types of markings underneath the porcelain itself.

Some pieces are marked with a company name. Others are left unmarked and may be identifiable by pattern only, or by numerical symbols or other codes. Turn your piece of porcelain carefully to the underside, and look for a marking.

Write down any marks to research in guidebooks about antique porcelain. Well-known porcelain companies such as Wedgwood, Meissen, Doulton, and others used symbols. Look up markings in a current price guide-book, to get an exact date of production, and value.

Learn about the various antique porcelain manufacturers, and study about the kind of antique porcelain that interests you. The more you know about a specific company and its history, the easier it is to identify marks and characteristics of the porcelain in your collection.

Look at the coloring of the mark. A printed or stamped-on mark in colors other than blue indicates pieces that were made after Pieces with the word royal were also made after Check registration marks. Look for month codes on antique porcelain. These were capitalized letters that stood for various months within a year when the factory produced the porcelain. Check near the name of the company on porcelain for any capital letters that might indicate the month or year when the piece was made.

Bring your porcelain to a professional antique dealer. They are more familiar with antique markings on old porcelain, and sometimes will give an estimate of date and value, or may offer professional appraisal services. Search online auction sites, and websites with pictures of porcelain marks.

Sometimes websites will have detailed information, including history and dates next to the mark.In their last six home matches, Stuttgart recorded.

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antique wash basin

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antique wash basin

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